How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back If She Seems Hesitant

It’s not unusual for a woman to be a little hesitant when it comes to taking back their boyfriend and giving things another shot. Love stings for both the man and the woman, and it is perfectly natural for her to want to protect herself from the chance of getting hurt again. This does not mean that you cannot make a reconciliation happen, because you still can. It just means that the way that you proceed has to change up a little bit.

Here are some tips to get her back, even if she seems a little hesitant:

1. Don’t try to force a decision on her. Most of the time, when a couple gets back together, it just kind of ‘happens.’ Meaning things are going well, there is some chemistry between them and they just go with what feels right. So, if you try and force her to make a decision on getting back together, not only do you put her on the spot, but you also disrupt the natural flow of things.

2. Don’t use material things to try and prod her along. The temptation might come about to go and buy her some expensive piece of jewelry or some other expensive gift that she will love, with the hope that this will make her change her mind. Not only will it probably have much less of an effect on her than you think it would, but i also sets a dangerous precedent, where she will feel like she can just get gifts out of you at any time that she wants.

3. Trigger her emotions, so that she associates YOU with feeling good. If you trigger your ex girlfriend’s emotions, and make her feel good whenever she sees you and thinks about you, then she will naturally want to see things escalate back into a relationship with you again. Not only is this a lot more effective than any other option, but it does not cost a thing.

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