Dating Disciples Review

I wanted to post my Dating Disciples review after having a chance to find out for myself whether or not it was a legitimate dating service. By the end of this short review, you’ll have an idea of whether or not Dating Disciples is the right way for you to meet new friends and start fresh relationships with someone who loves Christ as much as you do.

Before I discovered Dating Disciples, I was lonely and depressed. I had been single for so long, that I was beginning to think that being a spinster cat lady was Gods plan for me. I spent countless nights praying for a man to come into my life and sweep me off of my feet, but it just wasnt happening for me. All of the attractive men who belonged to my church were already attached, and I was at the end of my rope. Then I attended a sermon entitled The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves and decided to renew my efforts.

A friend recommended Dating Disciples to me over coffee one day. I knew she had a new boyfriend, and I knew they met online, but I didnt know which site they found each other on. They were very cute together, and I hadnt seen her so happy in years. After coffee, I went home and posted a free profile on the site.

Eventually, I upgraded to a paid membership so I could contact other members. Hands down, it was the best decision Ive made in a long time. I got so many positive responses from local Christian men, I didnt have time to go out with them all. Unlike other dating websites with all kinds of weird people as members, Dating Disciples brings together Christian men and women. There are never any surprises, and I never have to explain my church-going habit to a nonbeliever.

Overall, Dating Disciples has been a Godsend. Ive met my soul mate and Im well on my way to living happily ever after with the Christian man of my dreams. I highly recommend to those who love Jesus and are looking for companionship.

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