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Healing your Love, Relationship, Health, Money issues By Sumant Kual

Many of us erroneously believe that our Fate is set in stone. However, Grand Masters Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul believe our future can be reframed as per our wish. Grand Masters Sumant and Sumeet Kaul, Ambassadors and Representatives of Theta Healing in India and the United Arab Emirates, have created a life-changing and profound Love and Wealth Ultimate Life Breakthrough Seminar Course and Karma Kundalini Yog – a step-by-step sureshot technique to discovering one’s true potential. Here are some insights from the Kauls’ Miraculous Life BreakThrough Course: Why do people have money problems? When people chase money, money runs away from them. Therefore, they must attract money. But money may not be in their karma. In that case, they need to attract it by using special techniques which we teach. The amount of wealth that you have is truly equal to how much value you have provided to the world and how much you care about the world.Your unconscious mind may be blocking you from money and you may not even know about it.We have film stars ,businessmen with failed projects coming to us and realising how their Beliefs and their mind was sabotaging them. Why do people have relationship problems? Why are they unable to find love? If you observe people who have failed in relationships or been divorced, it is seen that in the maximum number of cases, they fail again in new relationships or get divorced again. This is because even when they do not want the same partner as before, they still manage to attract the same type of person into their lives and therefore, get divorced once again. Alternatively, they continue in an unhappy marriage due to the social stigma attached to a divorce in India. This is pure karma of suffering and sacrificing in life. The person thus must work upon his/her negative beliefs. Why do people have health problems? Most health problems are caused by emotional pain. Accidents happen to those who are rebellious, angry and frustrated, or those who do many things in very less time. Critical and judgmental people develop stomach problems and joint aches. People lacking love or suffering from guilty love, develop spine problems. People with cancer have hidden feelings of hate, while people with heart problems have known betrayal. Is there a solution to these problems? Not only is there a solution to these problems, it is also child’s play after one has learnt the right technique which renowned teacher and healer Mr.Kaul teaches Find a course near you: Past Life and Spiritual Regression Foundation and Intermediate Course – 10-12th Jan 2014 Karma Kundalini Healing Foundation and Intermediate Course – 24-26th Jan 2014

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How to Get Back Together With Your Girlfriend – Make Her Miss You Again

Are you wondering how to get back together with your girlfriend? A lot of times, relationships ended very suddenly. People do get emotional at times and end up doing things that they regretted. Are you in this situation? Did you initiated the break up? Or is it your girlfriend who suggested the break?

If you are the one who did that, then you should really apologize to her. Tell her that you regretted your action. It is an impulsive move and you are sorry for that. Even if she is the one who initiated the break up, you can still apologize if you have made any mistakes in the past.

However, it is important to make sure that you don’t appear desperate when you are making an apology. Do not get too emotional like crying or begging her to return to your side. Desperation is unattractive and you will only push her away. Show her that you are emotionally matured.

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Closing The Gap On A Long Distance Relationship

Nowadays with work and online dating many people have turned to long distance relationships. It is hard enough having a long distance relationship, but when the long distance part ends and you move back to living near or with each other it can suddenly seem a whole lot harder. There is a certain adjustment phase which can make or break any relationship.

Your long distance relationship ends and suddenly you find yourself insecure about your relationship. It is easy to separate your feelings for the person when they are emailing you to tell you they love and miss you, but when you have to face the person daily you also have to face the day-to-day dating issues that come up. Rapidly you find yourself discussing where to eat, what to do, what bills to pay, and so on, when before the hardest decision was what time to call.

At first you will go through a honeymoon phase that every long distance relationship goes through when you finally get together. Everything will seem so wonderful now that you are able to see each other whenever you want. It ends quickly however, and you may find that you enjoy the solitude that you once had while online dating. You may also realize that you don’t want to see the person everyday or even a couple of times during the week. Some people fall in love with long distance dating because you still maintain your independence without the compromise that must happen when you find yourself dating someone.

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Best Cougar Dating Sites

More and more women in their thirties, forties and even fifties are disregarding the age difference and looking for a date not as old as themselves – they’re called cougars and are not shy about asserting themselves and dating younger men./p>

Don’t concern yourself fellas it’s easier than you think, all you need is a Obviously, if you’re fresh to the cougar dating scene you are in all likelihood wondering where are all those cougar singles every body is talking about. You recognize that there are adult females searching for younger men somewhere around, but you just can’t locate them. But do not be concerned, there is a cougar mother looking for somebody like you right now, and we will highlight how to find her.

If you would like to you may register to an Internet-based cougar dating site free of charge, dive in, see if it’s for you and set up your user profile, guaranteeing that hot cougars can just track you down.If you are much more of a self-assured and sociable individual you may wish to take a peek at some specific pubs, or clubs. Cougars have an inclination to be really confident when it demands flirting and tracking down their victim, so they will usually go to bars and night clubs that are favourites of soccer clubs. They realise they will locate hot younger men there. So why should not you be one of these?

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Some Important Tips for Internet Dating

You may sometime feel the need to interact and talk to people of your own age group. If you are afraid of approaching people in real life, then internet is a best place to do so. You can make your account on different social networking sites. It will give you a chance to convert the emails, texts into a date in the real world. You should try to check out some Tips for Internet Dating in order to get a good positive response from the other side. You can start your interaction by sending mails to the person in which you are interested. >

Here is some useful Online Dating Email Advice that might help you:
Whatever you do, make sure you are not using the old boring subject line. Many people still use the word -Hi- in the subject line, which is surely a bad option. Try to think and write something original and creative. Focus on other person rather than on yourself, if you want to get a good response from him or her.
Try to give your phone number as soon as possible. This shows that you are serious about the relationship or friendship. If you do not feel comfortable in giving your number, then you should try to get other person’s number. Never ask for the number very soon. This will let him or her to lose interest in you soon.
The first mail that you send should include funny talks and should not be very serious. This will help the other person to build some interest in you. Then after some days, you can start talking about your common interests etc.
Give enough space to him or her to ask questions from will. It will help the other person to understand you in a better way.
Avoid using lines that are too cheesy, it can upset the person who is expecting to have some meaningful and pleasant conversation with you.

The above-mentioned online Dating Advice Email tips will definitely help you in finding a man or woman of your dreams. It is good if you look at as many sites as possible to gain more knowledge in this field. Never get disappointed if you see less positive response from the other side. Take some time and try again with better approach. Make the person feel that you would love to hear from them.

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