What To Do If Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship

After all you just went through getting over your heartache and getting up the strength to confront your ex and win him back…you find him in the arms of another woman. What do you do now? Is there still hope?

Yes, there is still hope…because rebound relationships aren’t as scary as they may seem. Sure, the thought of your ex with somebody else is discomforting, but the truth is it’s not the worst thing that could happen to you! It could actually end up helping you to get him back, provided they’re not extremely serious.

95% of all rebound relationships don’t last…that’s all they are, recovery partners. When we feel alone and depressed, we seek out affection. The rebound relationship is your ex’s answer to the loneliness of being without you. Just like you had a rough time of the breakup, it probably wasn’t much easier for your ex.

Being with someone else can also end up strengthening how much he cares about you, oddly enough. After so long of being with you, he’ll have gotten used to the little things about you that make you special…in a way, they’re the reasons he loved you, he just got so used to them that he took them for granted, took YOU for granted.

So when he’s with somebody completely different, he’ll start to see the differences and begin to really miss you. At first it’ll just be nostalgic “I remember when” moments…but as you’re apart longer and the gravity of not having you in his life sinks in…well, I think you can appreciate what sort of consequences that may have.

But the fact remains, he’s with somebody else…so how do you get him back? So it’s not too late, but what exactly should you do now? These are all very good questions, and you can find answers to them and others about how to win your ex back with the free videos and tips

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