Being In Love Alone Can Be Fixed, Here Is How

One of the most heartbreaking times in your life can be when you are in love with someone who is not in love with you. Many times it can seem like the end of your world and you might believe that you can not go on.

You will go on and it is not the end of the world whether that is what you want to hear or not. The trick is how do you move on? It is the mistake of many a person who will try to find ways to manipulate the someone they are in love with into having a relationship anyway.

The only thing to say to that is if you think you are hurting now, just try one of those old tricks and you will really know pain. You simply can not make another human being feel for you what they do not feel.

Do not punish your self even further by the continued pursuit of something that is not meant to be. It takes two people to be in love with each other and all the wishful hoping in the world will not make the impossible possible.

When you realize that your dreams about this person are defiantly not going to come true, the next thing to do is except it. Your life is too precious to waste any more of it on something you can not have.

You also may not want to hear that there are other fish in the sea, but it is true. You probably should not jump right into seeing another person just because you are trying to get over someone else. It is not fair to the new person and it will not be fair to you either.

Rebound relationships have a tendency to fail for the simple fact that you go into them for the wrong reason. Give yourself some time. Try to focus yourself on other aspects of your life for the time being. Family and friends can be the best sources for healing.

They are the ones who really do love you. Your career is a good place to lose yourself for a while, as long as it is short term and does not prevent you from trying to love again later.

New hobbies or interest can be good to take your mind of your sorrow too. Before you know it your life will be moving on and time does heal most wounds, but you also have to want them to heal.

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