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Getting Married and Moving to Kansas

I was working a temporary assignment for my company. I was sent from my home in the southeast all the way to Kansas. I have been to a lot of states for my job, but I have never been to Kansas. I was living in a hotel for a few months for the job, and I met a woman at a local laundromat. It was not long that I was asking for a moving allowance and looking at Topeka apartments for rent. We were getting married! Of course, my friends and family were worried about us getting married so fast, but I am convinced she is the one for me. And I know she is convinced I am the man she has been looking for.

I am a lot of things, but naive is not one of them. It is the same for her. I actually asked her to marry me the first day I met her. She said she would if we both felt the same at the end of my work assignment. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebration for Being a Resident

It’s been close to one year since moving into the apartments in Parkville MO, and I decided to have a celebration. I invited my friends, some of which who I met in the apartment, over to my place to have a little get together. I really don’t like to have large gatherings at my place, because I’m always the one that has to clean it up after everyone has left, but in this case I made an exception. I just told everyone not to make too much of a mess while they were having a good time. People usually have good home training, so they don’t really try to make a mess of things, but there’s always one person who will do something stupid.

Things were going pretty went pretty well with the gathering, but I think we all had a little bit too much to drink that night. That night I tried my hand at playing the bartender and made some mixed drinks for everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

My Husband Was Right About Moving to a More Diverse Area

I loved the quiet, country-like area that I grew up in, and I have felt that exact way. When I got married to my husband, I never thought that we would end up moving away after we had a child. But he needed to move for work, so there was no choice. He said that we would look for apartments in San Antonio TX to live in for about a year or so before looking for a house. I hoped that I would like it a lot since I was already happy with where I’d lived for 35 years. He said that he thought our daughter and I would really enjoy the change.

One of the things that I liked about where I grew up is that there are a lot of woods, which means that our daughter had plenty of places to play outside in nature. I often sat outside while she played outside. Nature provides so many different things for a child to do, or so I thought. My husband brought home some brochures about San Antonio, and as I leafed through them, I realized there would be a lot more for her to do in a big city. There are museums, businesses that are geared towards children, and a lot of other different cultural things that would be perfect. In other words, her life would no longer be so one-dimensional if she were living in a bigger city.

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